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This program supports the overall mission of this practice in providing quality, comprehensive specialty orthopaedic care in the arena of Workers’ Compensation, and doing so with the emphasis on forward progress and capacity to functional restoration.

The goals of this program include:

  • Efficient intake processes to see employees in a timely manner incorporating all essential information to provide causation, treatment plan, recovery projections and medically safe work status
  • Checkout processes to verify all pertinent information, to obtain appropriate authorizations, required follow up and paperwork, to include work notes
  • Dictation, transcription processes that allow visit note availability in a timely manner to the appropriate individuals
  • Timely response to case issues
  • Benchmarking standards for medical treatment return to work and maximum medical improvement
  • Working relationships that educate, evaluate, and communicate to provide ultimate benefit to injured workers and their employers

Injured Worker

  • Do you know what the policy is for reporting work injuries with your employer?
  • What is an adjustor or case manager? How do I know a claim is filed?


  • Do you have a chain of command set up for employee injury reporting?
  • Who is you WC carrier and what information is required for injury reporting?

General info/FAQ

  • Work related injuries and compensability criteria in the state of VA.
  • Guidelines for medical care
  • Temporary work restrictions and work accommodation


WorkAbility Contact Info:

Director Workers’ Compensation
757-637-7011 Direct
757-827-2480 ext 341

Assistant to Director Workers’ Compensation
757-827-2480 ext 371