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We are proud to be affiliated with the CarePlex Orthopaedic Ambulatory Surgery Center, where it is our mission to provide excellence in specialized orthopaedic outpatient care. Our experienced staff is solely dedicated to orthopaedics, as is our patient- and outcome-based research, helping us to provide the most proficient and current orthopaedic care from pre-op through recovery. We are rated at 97% patient satisfaction, which is 3% above the national average, and our facility has a less than 1% infection rate. 

We perform a comprehensive range of advanced specialty outpatient surgical services. Unlike traditional hospitals, where outpatient and inpatient surgeries are performed, our surgery center is designed and staffed specifically for specialized outpatient surgeries only. By this unique focus on orthopaedic outpatient procedures, our staff is experienced and dedicated in giving you the individualized, world class care you deserve.

Outpatient Benefits:

  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Faster recovery time
  • Less time under anesthesia
  • Back home same-day
  • Less than 1% infection rate

When you have your procedure performed at our surgery center, you will experience several advantages, including:

Advanced Technology – We have a state-of-the-art facility created specifically for our experienced and skilled surgeons to perform advanced specialty outpatient surgeries.

Comfort – Our surgery center was designed specifically with patients and their loved ones in mind. We are dedicated to making your experience as comfortable as possible.

Sophistication – We offer patients world class service and unmatched surgical care.

Efficiency and Experience – Our medical and support staff is highly focused on just a few specialties, and because of this, they have a high degree of experience with your surgery and care. 

As the region’s only dedicated orthopaedic surgery center, we have:

  • An outpatient concierge program to allow safe and convenient at-home recovery
  • Conservative treatment options through platelet-rich plasma and stem cell injections
  • Same-day spine surgeries, such as cervical and lumbar fusions
  • Navigation-assisted total knee replacements for decreased surgery time and blood loss
  • A 4K Ultra HD camera and image management system for the clearest view to improve accurate assessment in surgeries, such as rotator cuff repair and knee arthroscopy

The CarePlex Orthopaedic Ambulatory Surgery Center opened in 2011 and has rapidly become the region’s premier site for orthopaedic ambulatory surgery. The following accomplishments have made the CarePlex Orthopaedic Ambulatory Surgery Center a model for similar centers in Virginia:

  • Performs over 3500 orthopaedic outpatient surgeries per year
  • Achieved extremely high patient satisfaction ratings of 97%
  • First outpatient facility in Virginia to perform outpatient hip, knee and shoulder replacements
  • Offers cervical and lumbar surgeries as an outpatient
  • Total surgery cost thousands of dollars less than in an inpatient hospital facility
  • Infection rate has been less than 1%
  • Anesthesia at the center is provided by anesthesiologists well trained in regional (“blocks) anesthesia

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