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Procedures and Conditions of the Ankle:

Ankle Sprain:

An ankle sprain is a common, painful injury that occurs when one or more of the ankle ligaments is stretched beyond the normal range of motion. Sprains can occur as a result of sudden twisting, turning or rolling movements. 

Ankle sprains are categorized by type of motion:

  • Lateral Inversion:  Foot rolls inward
  • Medial Eversion: Foot rolls outward
  • Syndesmosis:  Foot rolls outward & leg rolls inward (high ankle sprain)

There are three different degrees of ankle sprains from mild to severe.  Most sprains are treated with RICE (rest, ice, compression, & elevation) & physical therapy.  First degree sprains usually require a wrap, second degree sprains require a brace, and third degree sprains can require a cast, boot, or surgery. 



Ankle Arthroscopy:

Ankle arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that orthopaedic surgeons use to diagnose and treat problems in the ankle joint. When arthroscopy is performed, it is usually due to ankle damage that is caused by arthritis versus a one-time traumatic injury. Two tiny incisions are made in the patient's ankle where the arthroscopic camera and any necessary instruments can be inserted.



Total Ankle Replacement:

In a total ankle replacement, the surgeon removes diseased or damaged portions of the ankle and inserts an artificial component comprised of plastic and metal.  This is done to reduce pain and restore mobility for the patient.