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Q: Will I have any pain or soreness following therapy sessions?
A: Yes. Most patients experience some increase in pain and soreness the first few therapy visits, but this will begin to improve shortly after beginning physical therapy. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different and it is recommended that patients, especially post-surgical patients, take pain medication prior to their therapy appointment. If you do take pain medication prior to your appointment, please arrange for someone to bring you to your treatment session.

Q: What should I wear to my therapy appointment?
A: You should wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely without restrictions. It is also recommended that you wear sneakers or tennis shoes. If you are coming before or after work, feel free to bring clothes to change in to for your treatment session.

Q: Will I have the same therapist for each visit?
A: If a patient prefers to work with the same therapist each visit, we will make sure the patient is scheduled with the evaluating therapist on a consistent basis. However, the patient may prefer to have particular days and times they are available to come to therapy. This may be more of a priority to the patient so the appointment will be made with the available therapist.

Q: Will I have to do exercises at home?
A: The therapist will design a home exercise program for each patient. These exercises should be completed at home as recommended by the therapist in conjunction with weekly therapy sessions. In order for a patient to have a successful outcome, especially following a surgical procedure, it takes team effort. This team consists of the doctor, the therapist, and the patient. The patient must play an active role in their rehab program in order to ensure an excellent outcome as well as adhering to the instructions from the doctor and therapist.