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Hand Arthritis Treatment for Patients from Hampton, Williamsburg, Newport News, VA, and throughout the Peninsula

Hand arthritis is a condition that can affect individuals of all ages. It can also take a variety of forms, all of which can cause pain, swelling, and stiffness in the joints of the fingers and thumbs, and ultimately lead to a degradation of the joint cartilage. The goal of treatment is threefold: to reduce discomfort, restore function, and prevent further damage. Because the hand is a highly complex structure, a patient is advised to seek hand arthritis treatment from a physician who has specific knowledge, skills, and experience. Patients in Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, and other nearby Virginia areas can receive outstanding orthopaedic care from the hand specialists at Tidewater Orthopaedics.

Three common types of hand arthritis treated at Tidewater Orthopaedics include:

  • Osteoarthritis – A degenerative condition that gradually worsens over time due to the cumulative effects of ongoing wear and tear
  • Rheumatoid arthritis – An inflammatory condition that develops when the body’s immune system inadvertently targets the synovial membrane that lines and protects the joints
  • Post-traumatic hand arthritis – A hand injury damages the joint cartilage and sets off a process of ongoing degeneration and inflammation

After confirming a diagnosis of hand arthritis, the orthopaedic specialists at Tidewater Orthopaedics will often advise a patient to begin with conservative treatments, such as anti-inflammatory or anti-rheumatic medications, cortisone or lubricant injections, bracing, or physical therapy. The hand therapists at our Hampton Roads clinic are highly specialized and certified through the Hand Therapy Certification Commission. In fact, of the 90 certified hand therapists in the state of Virginia who are registered with the American Society of Hand Therapists, two practice at Tidewater Orthopaedics.

If surgery is recommended, Tidewater Orthopaedics offers two hand surgeons - Dr. Robert Campolattaro and Dr. Robert Mason. These talented subspecialists have completed extensive education and earned additional certifications focused specifically on their area of specialty – the hand.

Patients in Hampton, Williamsburg, Newport News, and elsewhere on the Peninsula who would like to learn more about treatments for hand arthritis can call 757-827-2480 to schedule a consultation with an orthopaedic subspecialist at Tidewater Orthopaedics.