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Innovative Back Surgery Options for Patients in Hampton, Williamsburg, Newport News, VA & throughout Hampton Roads

Back surgery may be recommended to address spinal damage arising from a variety of causes, including traumatic injuries as well as the ongoing wear and tear associated with the natural aging process. Tidewater Orthopaedics, a specialty practice serving the entire Hampton, Williamsburg, and Newport News, Virginia, area, initially treats patients with spinal conditions conservatively, utilizing our excellent, in-house physical therapy team whenever possible. Additionally, if conservative treatments prove ineffective and surgical intervention becomes necessary, our fellowship-trained spine surgeon (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons), Dr. Jonathan Mason, offers both traditional procedures and newer techniques. We can recommend the specific type of surgery that is best suited for a particular patient, with the goal of relieving persistent pain and helping the patient return to an active lifestyle.

At our office locations in Hampton, VA, and Williamsburg, VA, some of the common spinal conditions we address conservatively, and with back surgery when necessary, include:

  • Cervical herniated discs
  • Cervical stenosis
  • Lumbar herniated discs
  • Lumbar stenosis
  • Degenerative scoliosis
  • Lumbar spondylolisthesis

In addition to non-surgical treatments like physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, and pain management, spine surgeon offers a range of traditional open-spine and minimally invasive back surgery options, including:

  • Arthroplasty
  • Fusions
  • Microdiscectomy
  • Disc replacements
  • Kyphoplasty
  • Laminoplasty
  • And more

We perform many types of back surgery at the Orthopaedic Hospital at Sentara CarePlex. Additionally, we perform minimally invasive outpatient procedures at CarePlex Orthopaedic Ambulatory Surgery Center, the only dedicated ambulatory surgery center in the area, where Tidewater Orthopaedics surgeons have exclusive access. Both of these outstanding facilities are located in Hampton, VA.

Patients in Hampton, Williamsburg, Newport News, and elsewhere in Hampton Roads who are considering back surgery are encouraged to consult with the outstanding surgeons at Tidewater Orthopaedics – we’re widely known as “The Specialist Group” on the Peninsula. We’ve earned this reputation because all of our physicians are surgeons, and all have obtained additional education and certifications in their respective areas of specialty. Our narrowly focused approach to patient care is highly unique and sets us apart from other area practices. To learn more, please contact us today at 757-827-2480.