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“I had a problem with my right ankle for a few months and it continued to get worse. I want to see Dr. Maloof and he immediately did x-rays and knew what the issue was. I am back doing everything I was before this condition. I am very thankful for Dr. Maloof.”
– Karen B.
“I had foot surgery for a toe that had been giving me pain for years. I would like to thank Dr. Maloof for the care he gave me and his concern about another problem that I was having at the time. I would definitely recommend him. I was so impressed by my experience that I would go nowhere else. I was also impressed by the entire staff – professional and caring.”
– Beth W.
“Feet down, Dr. Maloof is the best foot surgeon ever! I am so appreciative. He was able to fix bunions on both feet without a long terrible recovery. It was amazing. I am so glad I trusted foot surgeon Dr. Maloof with my surgery. Thank you!”
– Margie T.
“I wish I would have went to Dr. Maloof for my foot issue years ago. He knows his stuff! Great foot doctor! I am grateful my issue has been resolved completely!”
– Maryianne Q.
“Dr. Maloof is an exceptional ankle surgeon. His attention to detail in giving me pre surgery instructions helped me be prepared for my surgery. I couldn't have asked for a better anke surgeon than Dr. Maloof.”
– Larry M.
“Dr. Maloof is super nice and has a wonderful bedside manner. I very much like that he wasn't too serious and was able to make light of my issue without demeaning me or making me feel bad about it. (Jokes help me cope and not be so stressed out) Humor in doctors is almost gone, I have found, and he really is a wonderful guy. Thank you for your help, Doc. If I need you again, I do hope you are still in the area. I'm grateful to not need your services, but I am more grateful you took such good care of me.”
– Melissa E.
“Very professional and thorough. Provided me with options to review before I decided on surgery, and was I glad I went through with it. I never thought I'd walk again with out the severe ankle pain I had experienced for the past seven years. Dr. Maloof was very confident he could repair my ankle and now I can enjoy a more normal life. Its been 3.5 months and will take a few more to regain complete strength but I do not have the severe pain I use to have every time I took a step. I'm extremely pleased I met Dr. Maloof, thank you!”
– Del B.
“Dr. Maloof was through and answered questions. He was empathetic to the situation surrounding surgery. He also asked questions. I'm glad he ordered films but also relied on what I said as well and weighed that information. He examined and manipulated the foot as well. I came to him for a second opinion and I'm so glad I did.”
– Elizabeth E.
“Dr. Maloof is an excellent surgeon with excellent bedside manner. He was very detailed and took precautions to make sure I recovered quickly. He is a very busy doctor but always took as much time as I needed to answer all of my questions. He and his Physician Assistant exceeded my expectations with every visit. I highly recommend Dr. Maloof.”
– Arlene C.