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“Dr. Mason is my go to doctor whenever I have back pain. I have been going to see him for a couple of years and it seems he has taken the time to get to know me as he probably has his other patients. He's friendly yet skilled and he is the only doctor I want to do my epidermal. he has a team that works close together and I usually come out laughing or at least smiling. Then the nurses take over.... I am on my way home in less then 30 minutes.”
– Ideluia S.
“Dr. Mason took x-rays and explained why I was experiencing severe lower back pain. Since then Dr. Mason gave me a shot of cortisone and arranged for me to have physical therapy. I am feeling much better and the pain has decreased significantly. Excellent care.”
– Pamela N.
“Dr. Mason was very thorough and took the time to explain my problem to my understanding. He is very easy to talk to and is very personable. I highly recommend him.”
– Jimmie D.
“Very professional and very friendly. Explained in layman terms so I could understand diagnosis and proposed treatment.”
– Stephanie B.
“He was very informative and attentive.”
– William F.
“Very timely and doctor answered all my questions. Liked the way I was able to X-ray before I even saw the doctor.”
– Heidi B.
“Dr. Mason took the time to explain options and procedures.”
– Michelle B.
“Through detailed description of the surgery procedure up front. Kept family regularly informed as procedure progressed and upon completion. He has demonstrated his efforts as a highly skilled professional in a difficult spinal repair job many years in evolving. I and my family feel we were very fortunate to have access to a doctor, of Doctor Mason's caliber and would highly recommend him to anyone with spinal problems.”
– Patrick S.
If you find yourself debating and afraid to follow through with what your Dr at Tidewater Orthopedics, fear not. This is an amazing and dedicated to patients well being group. In my case, I had back surgery due to an accident that had me in awful shape for a long time because I didn't want to have surgery. Well, I've had the operation now and it's been 2.5mos now and I don't have to wear the back brace and I'm slowly and surely getting back to my old self. I'm soo thankful to Tidewater Orthopedics, Dr Mason and the entire staff.
“Had a pleasant experience at check in, the staff was very courteous and helpful. Enjoyed meeting Dr. Mason for the first time. I had an MRI done and the results were explained to me. I was told I had 2 options, but have been given time to think about it and when I was ready to give the office a call. Recommended by my Primary Care Physician and she does not steer me wrong.”
– Joyce W.